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Capsule Shop

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Accessing The Capsule Shop:

- When you log in, you will find the Capsule Shop button on the Server Select Screen, pictured below.

- Clicking here will take you to the following screen.


- The green number on the bottom right is the number of Capsules left in the machine.

- From here, you can purchase capsules. You'll notice that currently there are two types of Capsule Machines:

-The machine with 200 capsules will give you a better chance of winning the Rare Weapon, but the 499 machine costs less G Coin. After you decide which Machine you want to purchase a Capsule(s) from, you can decide whether you want to purchase 1, 5, or 10 capsules at a time.


PPSh41: 200 - 20 G Coin for 1, 100 G Coin for 5, 200 G Coin for 10
PPSh41: 499 - 10 G Coin for 1, 50 G Coin for 5, 100 G Coin for 10

- After you make your decision and click Buy, a confirmation pop-up will notify you of how much you are spending, what the rare item is, as well as all of the possible prizes in the machine. Pictured below.


- After you make a purchase you can check the capsule(s) you received. To do this click the "Open Capsule" button located under the "Buy 5" button. Clicking Open Capsule will reveal the contents of your Capsule!


- In every capsule you are guaranteed at least 1 item and a varying amount of Euro. You can win anywhere from 500 to 50,000 in-game euro! Sometimes you receive 2 items + Euro, as displayed above.

- If you are the Lucky Capsule winner, you will see something a bit more special


Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Rare Weapon


- The green number on the bottom-right is the number of capsules left in the machine.
- The weapon pictured on top of the machine represents the rare item in this machine.
- There is 1 rare weapon per capsule machine. The Capsule Machine resets once someone has won the rare item.
- There are other useful items in the capsules besides the rare weapon, so you always get something.
- There are 2 machines. Each machine starts with either 200 (20 G coin) or 499 (10 G Coin) capsules.
- Each time a purchase is made, the # of capsules left in the machine decreases, which increases your odds of winning!
- We will be updating the capsule with new rare weapons periodically.

This is similar to a jackpot system. It also leaves some room for strategic choices. Should you pull the lever now, or wait for a few more people to buy to increase your chances of winning?
Posted Dec 3, 09 · OP
nice guide man i'm not sure if i will buying any though lmao
jacob758.gif2nd Member, 1st Admin =]
Posted Dec 3, 09
Yeah AVA wont fail like Sf so this is just another g-coin idea that will end up with the IJJI forums spammed with (Help for g-coins) threads
Posted Dec 3, 09 · OP
so true lol
jacob758.gif2nd Member, 1st Admin =]
Posted Dec 4, 09